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USA Dressage Team Gold Medalist, 2003 Pan Am Games, Kristina Harrison-Naness with Rociero XV wearing the Treasure (Olive) browband. Photo by Elma Garcia

Browband designs may include genuine stone, Cubic Zirconia, Czech glass, pewter (in silver or antique gold finishes), enamel or semiprecious stones set in rhodium over sterling silver, rhodium over brass or sterling silver marcasite jewelry.

All browbands are available on either black or a selection of brown leathers. We use hand-cut, leather sides and soft garment leather linings we personally select. We build the browband around the jewelry. All jewelry is secured by hand using heavy duty bridle thread. Our work is guaranteed.

The standard "horse size" browband size is 16" (in total length), however, custom browband sizes are available at no extra charge. All browbands fit snaffles and double bridles. Custom loop configurations are available for rolled bridles. Our standard browband width is 7/8". Depending upon the design, you may choose widths from 3/4" to 1 1/4" (please contact us for special widths).

POH jeweled browbands have been hand crafted in the USA since 1998. The 2012 Olympic Games mark the 10th year USA Dressage team members have worn POH browbands in international competition.

People On Horses browbands display the POH logo. For quality and authenticity, look for the original -- POH.
Browbands, logo

Browbands USA 2nd Edition
USA 2nd EDITION $179.95

RI $164.00
(available in Garnet/Champaign [pictured above] Jet Black/Champaign, Emerald/Champaign)

Browbands Ice - Click to see all colors
ICE $289.95
[available in Clear (pictured above), Champaign, Pink, Aqua Marine, Black & Clear and Dark Amethyst]

Browband Bell Air - Click to see all colors
[available in Olive & Champaign (pictured above) and Aqua Marine & Clear, Pink & Fuchsia, Lavender & Amethyst] $239.95

Silver Leaf Browband
(also available with Brass filigree $180.00)

Browband Butterfly Gold
(available with gold electro-plate over Sterling Silver [pictured above] or in Sterling Silver)

Browbands Treasure - Click to see all colors
TREASURE $189.95
(available in Smoky Topaz, Olive, Montana Blue [pictured] and Aqua

Browbands USA 1st Edition
USA 1st EDITION (pictured above on brown leather) $179.95

Browbands Hope
HOPE $239.95

FLOWER $169.95
(available in Clear, Blue Topaz, Champaign, and Lavender [pictured])

(available in Bayberry, Hunter, Pink, Lavender [pictured]) $159.95

Browbands Alexander - Click to see all colors
[available in Champaign, Light Pink, Sapphire & Amethyst (pictured)] $159.95

Browband Manchester Red Topaz
(available in Red Topaz (Sold Out), Light Emerald, Champagne, Jet Black) $159.95

Browbands Diagnal - Click to see all colors

[available in Sapphire & clear (pictured above) and Garnet & clear) $159.95

Browbands Cable - click to see all colors
(available in Champaign [pictured], Jet Black, Aqua Marine and Montana Blue) $164.95

Browbands Sparkles - Click to see all colors
[available in Pink (pictured above), Aqua Marine, Champagne, Garnet, Fire Opal] $139.90

Browbands Hampton - Click to see all colors
(available in Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald [pictured], Mother of Pearl, Pink, Clear & Amethyst Crystal)

Browbands - Copper Road - Dark Oil
[pictured above on dark oil leather] $109.95

Browbands Del Mar
DEL MAR $109.95

Browbands Chesapeake

 Browbands Green Tiger

(pictured above on dark oil leather)

 Browbands Fancy Green Tiger

The browband designs pictured represent just some of the combinations available.
Please inquire if you're looking for something in particular.

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