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Stock Tie Pins

People On Horses™ presents decorated stock tie pins to either compliment your browband or to serve as a stand alone accessory.

Stock tie pins are available in all browband designs (see browband page) and are set in your choice of either sterling silver or bronze. Settings are hand etched.

Pins are available in three shapes:


and measure approximately 2 1/4" inches across and 1" in height. Pins have been enlarged in photos to approximately 2x actual size to show detail. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

Photos represent examples of designs, styles and settings. You will be asked to select your choice of design, style and setting during the ordering process.

Stock Tie Pins
[plus shipping & handling]

Order Stock Tie Pin

Design: Hampton (PinkCrystal)
Style: Scalloped
Setting: Sterling Silver
Design: Squares (Sapphire & Clear Crystal)
Style: Rectangle
Setting: Sterling Silver
Design: Brass Belle (White [6mm] Pearl)
Style: Scalloped
Setting: Brass
Design: Belle (Green Satin [6mm] Pearl)
Style: Oval
Setting: Sterling Silver

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